WISE Arizona Book Club reads "Notes on a Silencing: a Memoir" by Lacy Crawford

When:  Mar 17, 2022 from 06:00 PM to 07:00 PM (MT)
Associated with  WISE Arizona
Notes on a Silencing is a difficult, often enraging memoir to read... But it’s an important and honest look at sexual assault and the institutional cover-ups that often immediately snap into place to protect not only perpetrators but the organizations in and around where the assaults take place.

In this memoir, Lacy Crawford recounts her time as a high school student at one of America’s most prestigious boarding schools. Re-creating moments in dorm hallways, cafeterias, and ice rinks with detailed, engaging prose, she documents life on campus both before and after she was assaulted. She describes how students, teachers, administrators, and even doctors all singled out and attacked her, and protected the two boys who assaulted her.

Crawford said, “I want all of the girls and women who have ever been made to carry the blame for the aggression of men, the aggression of others – I wanted them to see that they were intended to carry that blame and that it was never theirs.” This book did just that and did it with vivid and unforgettable writing.

It's a heavy read - a heavy topic - but one that needs to see the light of day. Maybe we can talk about it?


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