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Diversity & Inclusion: Raising the Bar

Diversity & Inclusion: Raising the Bar

Presented by Dr. Phillip Walker, President, Walker International, Inc.


Join Cox Communications and the Diversity and Leadership Alliance on August 15, 2019, when Dr. Phillip Walker presents a four- hour intensive workshop that leverages the power of stories in opening up dialogue and new insights into diversity and inclusion.


D & I is one of the biggest challenges facing organizations today. Through a model of stories, participants will better understand the underlying principles and dynamics behind the notion that it’s simply good business to be responsive to diverse customers and staff; it leads to better outcomes.

This workshop is constructed to challenge what we think and know, help us discover what we don’t know, and support raising the bar for others and ourselves. Stories will allow for multiple points of views by eliciting D & I experiences and knowledge, listening to each other and ourselves in deeper ways, and providing a canvas for reflection and learning.

Participants will have opportunities to better understand diverse perspectives and interpretations. Less time will be spent broadcasting signals with more energy focused on tuning in to all the frequencies of participants. This will naturally involve smaller bandwidth, less information, and more impact.


  • Shift from unconscious bias to conscious inclusion
  • Describe key concepts of diversity, inclusion and bias as they apply to today's workforce through personal stories

The event is FREE to attend, but you must register here.



About Dr. Phillip Walker

Dr. Walker is a learning and development expert, master executive coach, and organizational performance consultant. He thrives on challenges in helping people deal powerfully with new problems and opportunities. He is dedicated to leadership development and creating culture shifts.


Note: This is not a WISE sponsored event. It is an event open to the public.